Microphone with Audacity

Hi we are using a platronics Calisto 620 web confrence mic. Which works very well with skype. But with Audacity the mic will cut out after 5 seconds recording.
I have selected teh mic in the audacity settings but can not seem to get rid of this problem.

Do you have any Ideas?
Many Thanks
Tim Henley

Are you trying to sing or play music? Conferencing Systems don’t like that very much. They see any sustained sound as air conditioning noise and tries to cancel it out.


Some conferencing microphone module assemblies have that suppression built in and you can’t turn it off short of using the management software package that came with it. You did keep the software CD, right?


Hi thanks no this is to record speech. The mic will activate for a few seconds then go off. But when I change the settings to be the mic rather than windows control. It does not even record.
There is no settings in the Mic itself or management software.
The strange thing is it works with skype perfectly - the system is also bluetooth (does that make a difference?)

That’s stump the band time.

Skype is a unique animal. Skype viciously goes out and sets sound services and characteristics by itself and it doesn’t much matter what you want. That’s the reason it’s so successful. It takes all the control away from you.

I’m going to Fuzzy Guess. Nobody wants to leave a bluetooth transmitter operating for hours for no reason, so I’m not shocked that it shuts down by itself after a certain time. We avoided wireless conferencing hardware for pretty much this exact problem. Wires are awkward, but they almost always work.

If I were going to do this, I would keep a handshaking channel open and every so often “ping” each other to make sure everything was still alive.

“You still there? OK.” “You still there? OK.”

I’m guessing, but I don’t think I’m very far off. Skype knows how to hand-shake with the device and that will work for hours. Windows knows how to start a session, but not keep it going.

It’s Google time. Blue Tooth Communications Protocol. See if the device has a help forum or other documents. I’m tapped out, but that’s what I’d be doing if it were mine. There could be a much more significant split between conferencing and recording.

Just one more item, do you have Audacity in mono? Many digital microphones do not work in Audacity until the Device preferences are set to mono.


Thanks so much for you suggestions. I was working along the same idea path.
I have it set to mono and had tried all kinds of settings.
I will look and see if the is a form for plantronics.

I will post back what I find