microphone suggestions

I use Audacity to make voice recordings and, so far, the built in laptop mic has been adequate. But I’ve thiught that with a better external mic I might get a better quality, especially with something that is noise cancelling. And so the search is on for a better mic.

My question is for the experts on this forum is if you have a suggestion for a mic that would give me a clearer, less distorted sound without picking up ambient noise. I don’t need perfection - just a decent improvement on what I am currently getting. I’d like to spend 20 but can spend upwards of $100 if that is what is needed. Please feel free to give your specific makes and models.

Thanks much.

A good recording microphone will pick up background noise more than a bad microphone.
It would be better to try and reduce the background noise (turn off the TV, close the doors and windows, record at night, find the quietest corner of the house…)
If that is not an option then you will probably need a headset mic, assuming that you are wanting to record your voice.

It’s hard to beat the Logitech Desktop Microphone. It’s cheap, directional, and of reasonable quality.


Very few microphones are going to eliminate your environment. If you’re recording in your mum’s kitchen it’s pretty much always going to sound awful.


A friend hangs blankets and quilts in a closet and records in there. I had to find a way to record multiple people so I made a studio from moving quilts.


Recording sound isn’t the casual thing a lot of people think it is. One of the recent posters discovered that while shooting a very good looking video field segment is relatively easy, the noisy construction zone next door pretty well destroyed his show.