Microphone setup? not working

Macbook Os Version 10.6.8
Audacity Version 2.0 downloaded dmg
USB Dual Pre
Shure Beta87A
Left Channel
connected into usb port on Macbook

My USB Dual Pre is powered. Macbook system preferences set to Input Audio Codec. Same in Audacity Software. Utilities Midi is showing the mic with Audio Codec, cannot volume or channel settings?

Open Audacity.
right click sound bar and Activate left channel monitoring. No response.

Thank you in advance for your assistance resolving this issue. Brad

What happens when you plug your earbuds/headphones into the Art Dual Pre?

If you yell into the microphone (Do Not Blow), can you get the signal or overload lights on the Art Pre?

This doesn’t have a power light, does it?