Microphone set up for arc welding recording

Please can anyone recommend which type of hardware set up to use. The noise level of arc welding is within 90 - 105dB.


If you’re worried about overload, a dynamic microphone is best. They’re bulletproof. This is the same job as recording drums. So pulling numbers out of my ear, Shure SM-57 microphone playing into a Shure X2U digitizer and plugged into my MacBook Pro and Audacity 2.0.6.

That will give you good fidelity, robustness and portability.

Another way to do that is a Samson G-Track and my laptop. You should be able to adjust the microphone gain so it doesn’t overload. It’s rated at 132dBSPL.

This is when you tell me your budget is $8.37usd.


You can also not use a computer. I could shoot this with my Zoom H4 (hand-held quietly) and transfer either the sound file via USB or sneakernet the memory card.

I would not use a handi-cam, cellphone personal recorder or surveillance USB recorder.


and use high quality microphone cable - there is going to be a heck of a lot of electrical interference close to an arc welder.

There’s static in my recording of an arc welder. We’re doomed!