Microphone reverb in podcast

Hey guys,

I’m recently creating a podcast and using Audacity as a multi-track when recording. I have 4 Mics (all recording different channels) and since we all sit in fairly close proximity to each other when someone talks in Mic A. Mic B,C,D all pick up a soft ever so slightly delayed recording as well. During Playback this creates an annoying reverb-esk sound that seems to really garble otherwise great recording.

Any quick fixes?

Sit further apart ?

Any quick fixes?

Not quick, no. The grownups use a large padded table and each actor is at a different end of the table so the backs of the microphones point at each other. The back is the least sensitive part of a directional microphone.

And, of course, you need a soundproof room. Two people next to each other should not have a delay. They should just be the wrong volume. What you probably have is person B’s voice is bouncing from the wall and getting into person A’s microphone from the front, not the back.

Trying to do multi-microphone in a live room is an interesting task.