microphone removal noise problem[SOLVED]

I’m currently using an Asus k42f notebook computer, with windows 7 and when I used audacity first it works perfectly fine. However, the problem occurs when I remove the microphone from the socket, causing a loud hissing noise, which only stops when I put the microphone back in the socket. If I were to put plug a headphone into the same dual socket, the same problem occurs. It’s only when I plug the microphone back into the socket that the problem stops. What can I do to fix this?

This may not be an Audacity problem. Audacity only records what the computer presents to it. It doesn’t process or filter in real time and you cannot use effects during recording.

If you like to record internet audio, the settings for that may cause feedback if you unplug your microphone and the built-in microphone takes over. That and the built-in speakers may try to record each other causing a high pitch whistle or hiss.


Thanks for your response. I figured out that it was a windows problem. By doing a restore, that has fixed the problem.