microphone recording

I am new to Audacity - downloaded version 2.2.0 and have connected up Line 6 UX2 to my Win 7 PC. I can record guitar through the set up and hear it in headphones connected to the Tone port both when playing and playing back the track. I can also hear the microphone but it does not record in Audacity. I have tried different settings for 2 days but have not gotten anywhere . Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

That seems to be a contradiction. What am I missing?

Is the UX2 a 2-channel device (left & right)? Or, is it 4-channels so you can plug-in 2 guitars and 2-mics at the same time?

If it’s a regular 2-channel stereo device (with mic on the left & guitar on the right or vice/versa) make sure Audacity (and Windows) is configured for stereo).

If it’s 4-channel device, that could be a “bigger issue”.

Hi Doug
Thanks for posting.
Am I right in thinking the problem must be the settings in Audacity or the Gearbox software. The signal from the microphone is clear in the headphones connected to the Toneport as is the guitar but when I look at the monitoring in Audacity only the guitar is registered on the volume meters.
Below is a quote from review of the Line 5 Toneport.
The design of the TonePort system allows the UX1 and UX2 to straddle the middle ground between outboard hardware processors and software plug-ins. Your guitar signal passes through a hardware input and is then sent to your computer through USB, where it is processed by the GearBox software. Next it is routed to the recording software of your choice, and then back to the TonePort for monitoring.

Was prompted by your reply to do more research and finally discovered that teh Toneport UX 2 will not record bothmic and instrument from the input Mic 1 and Instr though all other functions work . No idea why but at least now I know what the problem is - thanks for your help will find a work around.