Microphone recording changes after exiting out of Audacity!

I have a CAD U37 Microphone (specifically this one - https://www.amazon.com/CAD-U37-Condenser-Recording-Microphone/dp/B001AIQGUO) and am using Audacity 2.1.2

It’s been an ongoing problem that I just finally realized was one. After about a month of not recording, the settings of the mic will change, and I’ll have to set them all back again. That’s not a big deal, only takes a couple minutes. I’ll record something w/ my mic, edit it, export it, and exit out of Audacity. However, when I want to record something after that (either directly opening up Audacity again or waiting a week or two later), the audio (I want to say ‘frequency’? As in the actual recording?) is ridiculously “higher” than before, and I have no idea why. That’s unfortunately the best way I can describe it. :confused:
I can’t tell if the problem is Audacity, the mic, or maybe even my laptop! All seem perfectly fine. All I know is that without help, I’m going to have to wait about a month before picking up the mic again, and the same thing will keep happening. :cry: :confused:

Help would be appreciated!

Audacity only records the signal it is given.

What setting do you change and where to make it sound right again? Can you export a few seconds of WAV so we can hear the problem? See How to post an audio sample.

Have you asked CAD support about it: http://cadaudio.com/support ?

Do you cold boot the computer between the times you record? You need to cold boot sometimes. Windows button, shift-click over “Shut down” in the Power menu.