Microphone Problems

Using Windows 10, connecting via a USB port, I recorded last week and my microphone worked fine. Today it won’t work. I switched mics and still no luck. Any help greatly appreciated.

Does the USB mic show up as your [u]Recording Device[/u]? If not, right-click the Windows Speaker-Volume icon and select Recording Devices to see if it’s showing-up there.

Thanks for the advice. I rummaged around to find another mic to see if my rather new mic was the problem. It is.

Or, the problem could be not the mic but the USB cable, if it has a detachable cable.


The possibility of the cable occurred to me somewhat belatedly, that is after I ordered the new mic. I guess the test will come when I use the old cable on the new mic. Thanks for your help. I do appreciate it.

Maybe the driver for the USB mic updated or it is incorrect?