Microphone problems

I recently have been working on a project, but my microphone broke so I went out to go buy a decent one just so I could finish. Its a Karaoke mic so its meant for singing But at first when i tried to record it like my voice went in in out during the whole recording like it wouldn’t pick up my voice unless my lips were almost up against it, but even then when i tried recording my singing its like my voice kept going from high to low volume, i realized i could turn up the input volume right now its at 0.75 and i tried again while singing about a foot or more away from it, it picks up my voice good in some parts but the main problem is that when it does it sounds like very poor audio quality but the parts of the song where it didn’t pick up my voice as well that is at low volume sounds much better and as if it was recorded with better quality. Im not the best singer at all this is more of a project for me but i would like it to sound as good as possible. I have a fairly deep voice so its pretty difficult. please help im just trying to meet a deadline i watched a bunch of tutorials which did help some but hasn’t solved the problem. thank you.
The Weeknd - The Hills (Instrumental Remake).aup (18 KB)

AUP isn’t a sound file. You should post a sound file according to this: