microphone problem

Yesterday the program Audacity was installed on the Windows 10 system, today, when using a microphone of very poor quality, a voice is recorded.
an echo is heard, a voice as if from a bucket.
has anyone faced such a problem?
I suspect that during installation the program made changes to the codecs.
please help with advice. thanks.

Make sure [u]Windows Enhancements[/u] are turned OFF.

And make sure you are not recording from the wrong microphone. See: Device Toolbar

The “which microphone” thing isn’t that hard. You can do the scratch test. Gently scratch your microphone and then your computer’s built-in microphone (or any others you may have) and see which is louder.


There’s yet another possibility, too. If you use Skype, Zoom, or any other chat program, they take over your sound services even when they’re in the background and sometimes even when they’re closed.

Clean restart Windows and try it again.

Shift+Shutdown, Wait, Start. Don’t let anything else start.

Post back if you figure it out.