Microphone only works sometimes

I am using Windows 10 and Version 3.0.0
I have a Behringer UMC22 and a Roland Crate because I have not figured out how to load VST’s yet.
I can record my mic and guitar together, either in stereo or mono, I can record the mic separately on more than one track, however when I try to record it alongside a previously recorded mono guitar recording I get the Error 9999 message.
It has taken me years to get to this point because every time I try to record something I come across problems that no one on the internet has ever had before. For example try searching Audacity for: recording guitar and vocals separately and the first result is how to record them together! No one has ever done a video on how to record tracks separately that I can find, which is quite bizarre!

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

[u]Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs[/u]

No one has ever done a video on how to record tracks separately

I can explain that one. Videos are a lot of detailed, time consuming, skillset-intensive work. Just when you think you’re finished and you are dusting off your hands and going to make tea, the program you are illustrating changes and you get to start over. Note that you haven’t done any other work during all this.

There is a way to post Audacity videos. Don’t pay any attention to accuracy or version. With the last change to Audacity 3.0, many of the detailed videos on Youtube are wrong, and they will hang around until the sun cools off. Look for a version number in the video. If it doesn’t have one, run away.

You probably want overdubbing. Play or sing to an existing backing, rhythm, or accompaniment track.

Yes, there are some tricks to it. I think the on-line instructions are still mostly accurate.


I get the Error 9999 message.

Overdubbing has a special condition where it has to record your fresh, new work, but also play the backing track to your headphones at the exact same time. Both have to work. If you didn’t set up your playback system or it’s pointing to a device you haven’t owned since 2005, then yes, it’s going to fail. That’s a grand place to start looking.

Another common choke point is Zoom, Skype and Other. Never do production with those running or even after you have used one of them. They affect the sound channels and you can’t stop them. Restart the machine and make sure none of them starts up.


That’s quite a superiority complex you have going on there Koz!
While you were coming up with a snarky response to a question I didn’t ask about posting videos, some relevant information on overdubbing was posted by DVDdoug which was quite useful. Thanks for that!

well chances are you have a cheap headset plain sucks, so getting a replacement, something like what you tried and you know works would do the trick.

If not, make sure you plugging your microphone into the designated slot ( you didn’t say if it’s USB or regular headphone)