Microphone not recognized

Hello and thanks to anyone reading this who might be able to help.
All of a sudden, my microphone is not being recognized by Audacity. I am using Windows 10. I have been using an older version, but , even after updating to the latest, it is still not listed as an option.
It was working just yesterday. I have a Blue Snowball usb microphone. I always plug it in first before beginning Audacity.

Look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and ensure that it is enabled and working.
In the recording tab, you should see a green meter jump up and down in response to talking into the mic.
If that’s not working,

  • Shut down the computer completely (not just “sleeping”)
  • Ensure that the mic is securely connected to the computer and that the USB lead and plug is secure and in good condition. (If the plug feels loose in the USB socket, try a different lead and/or USB socket)
  • Reboot the computer
  • Re-check the Windows Sound Control Panel.

Thank you, Steve. I feel like such a noob. It had come unplugged from the back of the unit.

:smiley: Sometimes the simplest things can catch us.
Glad it wasn’t anything more serious.
Thanks for the update.