Microphone not recognized on WASAPI

I’m developing a USB microphone that supports 3 independent channels. I read the Multi-channel Recording article and understand that only WASAPI would support that. However, the microphone only shows up in the dropdown menu when Windows DirectSound or MME is selected.

Any idea what that could be?

deviceinfo.txt (15.6 KB)

I just configured the USB descriptor to 2 channels and see the mic now also under WASAPI. Is there a limitation to support only up to 2 channels when using WASAPI?

There is some information abu=out multitracking in the Audacity Manual.

Are you also developing the driver?

…Most people doing multi-track recording use a device with ASIO drivers (which Audacity doesn’t support unless you compile it yourself) and a DAW.

Hi Doug,

thanks for the reply :grinning:.

I didn’t plan to develop a driver as I hoped the embedded Windows USB Audio Device Class driver would support more than 2 inputs. I was able to compile Audacity to include ASIO but this didn’t help as the microphone driver assigned by Windows isn’t ASIO compatible.

Does anyone have a suggestion here?


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