Microphone noise /recording

I’ve used Audacity for a few years now, and installed the new version on another computer. /i already altered setting, like sound levels and sample rate, but I cannot seem to solve the microphone recording the room sounds, including mouse clicking.

When I go into the Sound manamgement in Control Panel and mute the microphone, the online streaming /i am recording, goes mute.

How in the world do I silence the microphone (Windows Vista) without stopping the ability to record from what’s playing? Unfortunately the other computer is in repair for a few days I cannot check how I solved the problem on that, but I don’t recall having this trouble at all.

In the recording section, is there an option for “Stereo Mix”?
If there is, then select “Stereo Mix” as the recording input in the Device Toolbar

Yes, I already have that set to stereo.

I’m asking about the Recording Input setting in the Device Toolbar not the “number of channels”.
What exactly does it say is the selected recording input device? (Click on it to see the full name).

I was refering to the Device Tool bar. Input channels is the only drop-down that has stereo listed.

The others have:

Audio Host: MME or Windows Direct/sound
Output Device: Microsoft sound Mapper, Speakers, SPDIF Interface
Input Device: Microphone or Microsoft Sound Mapper

I’ve tried various combos (lost track of which ones) and could still not solve this; no matter what I did, the microphone still recorded the room noise and muted the online program.

That’s what I thought :wink:
That’s not it. That sets whether recordings will be 1 channel (mono) or 2 channels (stereo).

That is the correct section. “Stereo Mix” needs to be selected there, but currently it is not available.

“Stereo Mix” is not available on all computers - it depends if it is supported by the sound card and the sound card drivers.
If you are on Windows Vista or Win 7, it may be available but hidden by Windows. If it is hidden, see here for how to “un-hide” it: Windows Sound Control Panel

If you are able to un-hide the “Stereo Mix” option, then you will need to restart Audacity and “Stereo Mix” should be available in the Recording Input section of the Device Toolbar.
If “Stereo Mix” is not available on your computer, then you will need to use a workaround, such as using “Sound Leech” (currently free).