Microphone no show.

I have a rhodes nt1 running through a behringer 204hd running through audacity…and my mike isnt showing in audacity. However, my behringer is. When I try and record my voice is very low. What am I doing wrong? Someone please help.

Audacity won’t see the microphone because it’s not plugged into the computer. It’s plugged into the interface. :wink:

Is 48V phantom power turned on? Condenser mics require phantom power. (There’s a switch on the back of the interface.) Do the LEDs show a good signal? Can you get it to go red if you crank it up and shout into the mic?

Thank you so much for the help.

So the phantom power is on. The lights for power and 48v are both lit on the behringer.

If I turn the gain to max on the behringer and attempt to record audio on audacity I can just about hear my voice.

However it shows as a flat line on audacity with hardly a squiggle.

Watched a load of videos and cant crack the issue.

And yes it does go red if I tap or shout into the mike.

Well… That’s strange…

You did select the Behringer as your [u]Recording Device[/u], right? I assume so, since you said your Behringer “shows up”.