Microphone live monitoring

I am trying to record some old reel to reel tapes from VietNam. Everything seems to be working fine except the microphone stays alive when I start recording. I have turned off the mike under privacy settings. Your program at the top center says “click to start monitoring” comes on automatically when I click the red record icon and the mike also. Do you know how to disable this? Using Windows 10, your software 2.2.1
Thank you

How did you connect your players? You should select only that single device in Audacity.

I think you are trying to record using the settings to record internet, YouTube or other on-line content. That’s why your microphone keeps waking up. You told it to in your settings. “Please record everything on the computer.”

Oddly, we have instructions how to record YouTube but no instructions how to stop.



Disable the in-built mic in Windows Recording devices …

it can’t come back on if you do that.