Microphone issues.

In the preferences, Audacity won’t recognize my PDP-Microphone Device from my Afterglow Universal Wired Headset.
I’ve tried everything, including disabling all other recording devices (such as Line In, and Internal Mic) but it still only gives me the IDT High Definition Audio.
Does anyone have a solution to my problem perhaps?

Have you tried restarting Audacity ? If you connected the headset after starting Audacity it needs to update its devices list. It can’t do that automatically.

As an alternative to restarting Audacity, try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.


You were right Gale, I feel a bit idiotic now, but never less, thank you. I appreciate it.

No problem, Audacity ideally should be able to detect adding and removing external devices, but we haven’t found a good way to do that unless Audacity scans for devices every few seconds - that would slow Audacity down too much.