Microphone issues! Please help!!

Hey Everyone,

I use a Logitech microphone and it works great but today when I used it the recording would barely pick anything up. I couldnt hear any of my previous tracks while recording too. When I click play I can hear them fine though. Above the microphone icon where it says “L / R” well there is a dim line of red and above the speaker icon there is a dim line of green. Obviously something is wrong with the microphone pick up but I dont know what went wrong when I did not change any settings previously to this. I have also uninstalled Audacity and reinstalled it but the issue still remains. This problem has happend before once so it would be great if someone knew what to do and could point me in the right direction! I would appreciate that alot!


It’s hard so say without knowing if that’s a USB mic or a regular computer mic. Most likely you either have Audacity’s recording volume turned down, or your OS’s audio software has been changed without your knowledge (perhaps by plugging in a USB device).