Microphone Issue


I have been trying to use a USB microphone which is a Samson CO1U USB Studio Condensor mic.

I’m having some issues with the waveform on Audacity when recording.

The mic is set up and audacity recognises it and will record my voice.

When I have the recording amount at about 90%, it records at a really quiet volume (picture 1 highlighted) whereas when I have the recording amount at 100% (picture 2 highlighted) it peaks horribly and sound terrible.

I am speaking at the same volume in both clips and are compared together in picture 2.

Any idea why this is? Apologies if it’s a really basic question!

There’s a closely guarded conspiracy not to show us the back of the microphone. Even the instruction manual only shows the front. What possible evil could be lurking back there?

I downloaded the current instruction manual and it doesn’t say anything about running in Windows 10. Did you get Win-10 drivers? Windows 10 demands its own drivers and things can work really wacky without them.

It has to say “Windows 10” in the instructions. Just “Windows” isn’t good enough.