Microphone is too quiet

Hello, i hope this is the right subforum for this problem.
I have searched all over internet but haven’t found a solution for this. I have bought a very cheap microphone, Vivanco dynamic mic DM10.
Just want to record my voice with a song in Audacity, it doesn’t have to be high quality for me. BUT… the output is really too quiet. So I boosted it up (I have Windows 7 and RealTek) to 30 dB, but then the sound is really ugly and distorted and still not working right. I really have to scream into the mic to hear myself.
How can I solve this? I found some threads on the internet about this but they go way too technical for me. I hope somebody can help me with step-by-step-dummy talk :laughing:.

Was the original problem just “always too quiet”, or were you getting short parts of good volume which then faded away, or quality that sounded if it was recorded in a small tube? If you were getting other problems I suggest you go to “Sound” in the Windows Control Panel, click the “Recording” tab, right-click over your sound device, choose “Properties”, then search all the tabs for sound effects and turn them all off. There may also be a “boost” or “AGC” checkbox there. Put a check in that box - it may help without having to turn the slider up so high.

Be aware that the “cheap mic” may also be part of the problem.


Hello, thank you so much for helping me out!!! The original problem was always too quiet. And I did what you said, to disable all sound effects. And now the microphone works perfect for me!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!! :smiley: