microphone installation

Laptop is Lenovo T430S runnung Windows Enterprise 7. Audacity is version 2.03. I want to use the Apogee MIC with Audacity. I have only a blue light on microphone when plugging into USB port which signifies the MIC is connected to hardware but not communicating with software. I try to disable laptop microphone in laptop via device manager but it continues to record my voice and the MIC stays adle at blue when it should be green indicating connected to software. Anyone help on getting the MIC to speak with the Audacity software and killing the internal laptop microphone?

At the risk of hiding behind technicalities, if Windows can’t find the mic, Audacity will never figure it out. Audacity is a slave to the Operating System.

I didn’t go through the whole operating manual, but I believe you that the light is supposed to change colors.

Close Audacity.

Plug the mic in, let Windows chew on it for a second (maybe ask you to install a “New USB Device”).
Go into Windows Control Panels. The microphone or maybe “USB Sound Device” isn’t in the sound device list? It has to appear there, and I think Win7 has those little bouncing green sound meters? They need to work.

You don’t uninstall your built-in microphone. You install something else and the built-in stops working.

Does the microphone come with an installer disk and software drivers?