Microphone input problem

Here’s whats going on;

Using the AT2020 USB microphone on my desktop windows 7 64bit, the input volume in audacity is set to 0.3 and the volume comes in nice and loud and clear. I’m able to rap over an instrumental and i can hear the voice really well in the recording.


I have 2 laptops both running Windows 8.1 64bit, and with the exact same settings in audacity, the same microphone records much much lower. Some people recommended to update Realtek drivers, and that did not fix the problem.

Any ideas guys?

What happens if you turn the Audacity input volume up on the Windows 8.1 machines? There is no direct correlation between the input volume and the -1/+1 linear you will achieve in the blue waves, but 0.3 is not high.

Also is there any boost for the mic in Windows Sound that you might not have turned on?


Windows has the ability to manage microphone volume on a USB microphone. I think you need to mess about in the Windows Control Panels. That’s the only place I can think which would change the volume. Generally, once you make a digital bitstream, the show is set. It’s the analog microphones that have multiple places to set volume.

You can also be experiencing the joy of Windows helping you. I once took a very long time to figure out that Windows was applying Cathedral Effects to my sound. If Windows thinks you’re making a Skype call, it may decide you need Windows Enhanced Services.



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anyways, i think the problem has something to do with windows 8.1

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Have you taken the advice and looked in Windows Sound?

USB ports on some machines are hotter than others. On some machines, some USB ports are USB 2.0 and some are USB 3.0 and those ports may have different audio input levels.

If you are able to get a good level of about -6 dB with the Audacity input slider on 0.8 or so, I think you are doing fine. It’s better than having distortion you can’t fix.


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do you really think people are going to waste their time spamming audacity forums???

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