MIcrophone compatibility

Using Win7. Will the Samson CO1U - USB Studio Condenser Microphone work with Audacity latest version. Any problems I need to know before I buy? Thanks

A lot of people use the Samson CO1U USB with Audacity. I’ve not used one myself so I’m just going on what people have written on this forum.
You’ve not said what you want to record, so some general comment:

One limitation of this microphone with Audacity is that it does not have a headphone socket, so it is not possible to listen to yourself through headphones while you are recording without a noticeable delay. For many users this is of no importance because they can hear themselves acoustically and have no need for simultaneous headphone monitoring of the microphone.

It is probably not suitable if you are wanting to record extremely loud or extremely quiet sounds.

Other than that, most user reports indicate that it provides high quality recording at a very reasonable price.

One thing that USB microphones (and USB sound cards) can be susceptible to is “skipping” (brief gaps or clicks in the recording) which can occur if your computer is busy doing something else at the same time as you are recording, so managing the computer resources properly (not running programs that require a lot of CPU or disk access) is probably more important for USB audio devices than for built-in sound cards.

Recording both sides of a Skype conversation is problematic with any type of microphone.