Microphone, additional question

I have been very impressed by your advice about microphones and sound cards in the previous topic. Thank you. :slight_smile:

My need is not recording a piece of music but accompanying (voice over) flash files for IT Skills training. I do this in English French and German. I have an HP omnibook with a soundcard called ALI Audio Accelerator from Acer Laboratories. But I am not happy with the sound quality at present. First change I will make is to invest in a proper mic set up, as you suggest.

Do you think I need to replace the above sound card as well?

Also, does the recording room need to have some special padding so as not to “lose” the voice and make it “dry”?

Thank you very much your advice. Best regards from Geneva in Switzerland. Doris

It’s not a bad idea to replace that card. Does it have a Line In? If it doesn’t, then you’ll probably need to replace it with something that has a Line In.

If it does have a Line In, I would wait until you have your new mic setup before spending even more money.

As far as room goes, better a well damped room that is dry, than a room with a ring to it that sounds too wet. You can always add some nice reverb later if you want to, but taking out excessive reverb from a room is very difficult indeed.

Get the most directional mic you can, then you can limit most of the sound absorbing material to the side of the room that is behind you. The area in front of you (behind the mic) will not be heard too well so echos from that direction will have less impact on the recording.