Microphone Access isecurity issue

Hi. In the past I’ve run into a few programs that force access to the microphone. That’s made me kind of paranoid about security. I recently moved to windows 10 and in the process of tightening my security I disabled the microphone access for apps with the idea of re-enabling them on a program by program case. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do that for Audacity. It doesn’t list on the apps you can grant permission to. I can fix the problem short term by reopening access to my microphone but it would be much better if Audacity was listed on the page in Windows 10 to be able to enable it by itself (I trust you guys).

Here is what I’m referring to…


I’m guessing here because I am not using Windows, but it sounds like you know your way around a computer, so perhaps you can try this out.

Audacity opens its connection to the audio device on demand - that is, it will try to open the selected audio device when you start recording or playing (one set of ports for each). Because of this, I’m not surprised that Audacity is not listed as an app that you can grant access to.

My (untested) idea is that you temporarily grant access to all apps, then start playback on Audacity and see if it then appears as an app that you can grant “always allow” access to. Then if that works, repeat for recording.

Let us know how you get on.