Micro source recording and delayed echoed playback

I have a question, that in spite of how easy it could sound I don’t know which specific technique and software it might be best to use. What I wanna do is:
Place a microphone in a specific place and get the audio played back after say 10secs echoed on the speakers. This is meant to be part of an exhibition and as such should be ‘live’ so no need for recording (otherwise would probably fill up space immediately).

Any suggestions?Thanks a lot

I have done that sort of thing using an old 1/4" tape recorder and a large loop of tape.
There are digital effects boxes such as the Boss RC20-XL Loop Sampler available these days to do the same sort of thing.
Audacity does not do this.

Best would be something of a digital programme so that is less expensive that the Ross station… :wink: Any idea?

On a Mac, the “AU lab” program would work for this. It’s a AU plugin host meant for developers to test their plug-ins and it comes free with the developer tools on the OSX Install DVD. It can route the sound input to a chain of plugins back to the output and also record to disk (but you needn’t record).

Then you’d need to insert a delay plug-in set to 100% wet (so you only get the output of the plugin), 0% feedback and 10 seconds delay time.

There’s a delay plugin from Apple (AUDelay) but it only goes to 2 secs. You’d have to chain 5 of these to get a delay of ten seconds.

There are also various ways of doing this on Linux using LADSPA plug-ins.

If you’re on Windows, have a look for “virtual guitar effects pedals” and you may find something.