have made sure sound card is the same in comp as the one audacity is using etc i am using a ev mic to imput to audacity reducing imput jack to smaller one for sound card,what am i doing wrong there is no response thanks for any help

Are you using Linux?

windows xp home does that help?

Could you expand on this.
For example, which version of Audacity, what sort of sound card, what settings have you set where to what?
(at the moment I can narrow it down to “something is wrong”).

Hi thanks for all your help audacity 1.2.6
sound card = sb audigy 4 (d000) the only setting i have made relate to making sure audacity is using the same sound card as computer importing tracks is not a prob re playback, ticked playthrough box. the green level meter is fine the red one to the right fluctuates but no sound from my mic or any indication that it is responding to voice mic is plugged into red port on sound card

I would highly recommend upgrading to Audacity 1.3.12

“Software Playthrough” should be off (not selected)

Try yelling loudly down the microphone and record it - if the recording looks like a flat line, try applying the Amplify effect (with the default settings). Is there any sign that it is recording or only a lot of hiss and buzz?

There’s a good chance that the problem lies here.
Can you find out exactly what this ev microphone is?
A picture of the adaptor?
Does the microphone have a detachable lead? What sort of plug is on the end of the lead (without the adaptor)?

Many microphones require that a “microphone boost” checkbox is checked. If not checked, the microphone will barely respond.

Look deeply into all possible menus and tabs for anything related to “microphone boost”. Look in the sound control panel, look in any and all mixers, etc.

You may not find such a checkbox, but you have to find out if one is available.

thanks will look at all possibilities

Hi every thing looks ok other than mic isnt working , the red right hand meter is flutuating,when i click on monitor signal.Tried recording and shouting , just flat line the mic is a electro voice n/d767a …3pin at mic, lead is ending with 1/4 inch phono into a mini reducer for sound card >audio s0urce is set for mic at mixer toolbar all devices as far as i can see are set correct my mic is one i use for pro singing, have tried a sure i have still no luck. one good thing im starting to understand this program having never done anything like this before im quite pleased with my efforts however i do thank you all for the help you are giving me with this, and i continue to read the tutorials i live in hope :confused: RR

connected usb mic all is now ok. however slider has only one level ? so have to position mic away from vocal annoying but can over come that with practice positioning for best sound.the mic is a cheap one i had. do i invest in a better one if so any suggestion make cost etc . lastly how do i isolate backing track sound so that mic wont pick it up but i can still hear it while singing to it thanks again RR

The microphone input on most computers are not really suitable for this type of microphone - they are designed to work with cheap computer microphones for making Skype calls rather than for recording purposes. It is sometimes possible to make them work, but even then the results are usually poor. For this type of microphone you really want a sound card that has a 3 pin (XLR) microphone connector.

Commonly the case with USB microphones, though as you’ve deduced careful microphone positioning will usually afford reasonable results.

Use headphones.

thanks steve