Mic won't be seen );

Hi guys, I’m a huge fan of audacity and all the gnarly things you can do with it. I think I’m being really stupid. I’m not particularly tech savvy so please if you can help use easy words >.> anyway, basically I started using audacity again to make some recordings for a youtube project, and I realised that the quality on my headphone’s mic would possibly be far superior to that of my macbook pro’s which sounds a little fuzzy. The thing is, when I plug in my headphones, my audio input flatlines, and speaking warrants no sound. So I went into preferences and devices but the program just doesn’t “see” my headphone mics, I have 3 different pairs of headphones, each with mics, and audacity doesn’t recognise any of them for some reason. I feel like there is something obvious I’m missing, so if anyone can help that would be great!! :3

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Are they USB headsets?

If so, try quitting Audacity, then open /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup and on the Input side, select the specific headset you want to use. Notice the setting for sample rate (Hz) and stereo or mono (2 ch or 1 ch).

Then restart Audacity. In Device Toolbar, choose the headset as recording device and set mono or stereo recording in the box next to that.

Bottom left of Audacity, set project rate to the same sample rate you chose in Audio MIDI Setup.

You should only need to plug in the USB headset before you launch Audacity, or use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in the Audacity menu bar after plugging in the headset. But the steps above should make sure it works.

If you are using the built in headphones input of the Mac, you should not need Audio MIDI Setup. Select the built-in input in Device Toolbar.