mic to headphone lag


I am new to Audacity.

we are running windows 7.

soundcard installed and a new "USB: mic is being used.

Is there a way to eliminate the mic to headphone lag?

We have tried the tutorial but we really don’t know

enough about Audacity to know if what we are doing is correct.

Thanks much!


In a word, no. At the top of the tutorial we describe three different “perfect” methods of doing sound-on-sound. They all involve special hardware and they’re special because they allow you to listen to your own performance in real time and theatrically correct. All the other methods are less than perfect because you can’t hear yourself past listening through your cupped hand. They all have delay.


A computer is not a Digital Audio Workstation.


A quick note on “latency” (delays). There are two. Recording Latency is fully correctable inside Audacity. That’s where you sing in exact, perfect time to your rhythm track and it comes out perfect when you play it back. That’s the easy one. That one’s a slider.

Computer latency is when you sing and it comes back to your headphones fifteen minutes later. That one you’re stuck with. You can change Audacity Programming to use ASIO software (recompile), you can use your hand on your ear, or you can use the special hardware. The hardware we wrote about has been tried by me and it does work.

Of you can use a real Digital Audio Workstation.


Thanks Koz,

I appreciate your time on this.