Mic still records at 0

i have two mics and they both still end up recording even at 0 percent level i dont think its audacitys fault im just looking for answers to why. i mean its no big deal but it hurts how far i can put the level.

We should probably figure out what you’re looking at to get those numbers. The sound meters are in dB and “Zero” is the highest you can go. The blue waves are in percent and 0 is the lowest.

Which zero are you talking about?

We could use the rest of the info, too. What kind of microphone – either one – and how is it connected to the computer?

Which computer and what operating system?


yea my bad im connecting through usb. For the levels the slider that adjust the mics volume is all the way down. in the windows recording devices tab the input volume is at 0

What are the make and model numbers of the USB mics, or are the mics connected to a USB mixer (make and model number)?

Also please see the information requested in the pink panel at the top of the page.


yea my bad

It’s not a big problem, but we have to build your system in our imaginations to figure out what’s wrong. You pretty much can’t tell us too much.

It’s also pretty common to miss the real problem. Is your show too loud or not loud enough?