mic sound really really low

Hi, I’m using a AKG D5 micophone thru a behringer UMC22 interface. I could only just hear my voice.
I have tried Microphone Boost in settings but I don’t have that option. I then unchecked the Allow applications to take exclusive … device. This didn’t work.
I have made sure all imput microphone levels are up in sound settings and app volume devices etc. I have tested the mic and cable thru my amp and it works fine. I feel there must be something wrong with my computer. Does anyone have any ideas?

Also to add to problems now Audacity won’t even let me record anything now. It comes up with Error opening … code 9999, which says I need to go into privacy settings and allow apps. I have done and no difference.

This is probably unrelated but just in case. I have been trying to use pro tools first also and with this I open up a project and import in a audio track onto the time line but when I press play i can see it playing all the volume lights are moving up and down but I can’t hear a thing!

That’s all to say its been two months with a mic and interface and I haven’t been able to record a thing! Frustrating! But anyway that’s no ones problem. Any help would be great, thanks