Mic signal recorded successfuly but instrumental signal does not record

I have a simple setup: Shure mic and Schatten banjo mic into Audient ID4. I can monitor both signals in the ID4. The mic signal can be successful recorded into Audacity but the instrument signal won’t record. Audacity and ID4 setups seem to be correct as the mic can be successfully recorded. Not sure why the instrument recording doesn’t work. Thank you for an advice.

I don’t have any personal experience with Audient. According their manual, the device should work well with Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase/Nuendo, and Ableton.

Have you tried recording with two channels (stereo) :question: The left channel should be your microphone and the right channel your banjo.

I’m recording the channels separately so each is a mono channel. I’ve reposted the question. Thanks.

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