Mic Problems


I know there is something definitely wrong with my microphone jack (on my Logitech Premium Notebook headset), I’d just like to know what exactly since it has been really bugging me. First of all, it’s not on mute, second, I’ve tried using the analogue and usb dongle but neither will record correctly anymore. Third, this other (low-quality) mic does work when I plug it in). Now, every time I record with the headset mic, all I get is static.

It was working perfectly yesterday-could it be possible that I pulled the mic out too fast (a wire got caught on my shirt and as I was leaving I pulled out the mic with me by accident)?

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

<<<microphone jack (on my Logitech Premium Notebook headset)>>>

It did take a minute to wade through that. The male connector on the headset cable is the plug. The jack is the female inside the computer. I think I divine that the computer is a PC–possibly a laptop?

Yes, if you can get a cheap computer microphone to work plugged into the side of the computer, chances are you damaged one of the wires inside the plug of the headset.

If you launch Audacity and click once inside the red record meters, they will wake up and start metering the microphone audio without actually recording anything. Make sure it all works with the cheap microphone, unplug it and plug your good headset in. Gently move the cable around while you’re talking. Push and pull and generally mess with the connector and cables and you may find a place where the thing comes back to life. This is your assurance that you broke your headset since you can’t actually use it that way.

It doesn’t have to be at the computer, either. You could have shattered the connection at the headset. Cables almost never break in the middle. They’re far more likely to die at either end.