*&^ mic not working properly...

After searching for a solution to my mic issues, and not coming up with anything, I wanted to check if you guys have a better idea of what’s going on…

I have a logitech H230 headset + also tested with Sennheiser headset. They are both jack headsets, not USB.

Trying to get it to work properly on my windows 7 HP desktop.

I have Audacity 2.0.2

The mic isn’t working as it should (compared with recording with audacity on laptops I’ve used). It’s picking up too much background noise and audio levels are too low. The body of my voice is hollowed out as well.

When I plug the headsets into different laptops, it works fine - background noise is minimal and audio levels are higher/where they should be.

Audacity signals a high def. microphone is connected in the mic drop down box.

Along with multiple searches, I went thru Koz’s steps here… =


Still isn’t working…

Let me know if you need any more info…and just get back as soon as you catch a minute.

Thanks so much!

That’s just for USB. If you have a “regular” headset like this…


Then you need to select those connections in your Windows control panels, or sometimes in the Audacity Device Pulldown.


It sounds like you’re recording the computer built-in microphone and not the one you’re wearing. You can find that out with the scratch test. Gently scratch the microphone while you’re recording and the Audacity sound meters should go nuts. If they don’t, then you’re not scratching the microphone.

That’s a good way to see where your built-in microphone is. Scratch around the computer until Audacity goes nuts. Mine turns out to be just to the left of the shift key, behind a grill.