Mic not recording through mixer after upgrading to Audacity 3.3.3

Hi Everyone,

I just upgraded to Audacity 3.3.3 on my Windows 11 PC and now I am unable to get a good recording level from my ART USBMix6 Mixer. It worked fine before, and I’ve never had any issues for the last couple of years with it.

I have already checked my host settings and have it set to Windows WASAPI, Recording Settings are set to Line (USB AUDIO CODEC) and sampling rate is set at 44100K. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, so any feedback would be greeat. Thank you!

You can check that Windows Enhancements are disabled: Disable Audio Enhancements - Microsoft Support

I don’t think it makes any difference with USB devices, but check the level settings on your Recording Meter: Meter Toolbars - Audacity Manual

“USB AUDIO CODEC” is probably correct, but just in case, is this the one that disappears when you unplug your USBMix6 and do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

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