Mic not inputting in Stereo

Hi my name is Maria and I am new to Audacity. Yesterday I was recording my voice with my microphone just fine. Today when I tried to do the same it was not recording at all. After going into preferences and selecting my mic, it is recording but not in Stereo even though it shows that it is. I have restarted the program and unplugged and replugged it in my mic. I still get the same results. Help!

A single microphone is mono (unless you happen to have a stereo mic).

A true mono file will play through both speakers.

I do have a studio mic running thru an audiovox. When I first plugged it in it was recording in stereo. The next day, Audacity was not recognizing my mic. After I got it working it is now in mono and for the life of me I cannot get it back. Thank you for a y help you can provide

I do have a studio mic running thru an audiovox

Do you have some information about the Audiovox interface? A model number and/or a link to the specs?

Are you getting a mono waveform (one waveform), or a stereo waveform with one silent channel?

A single microphone is mono. Like I said, mono will play through both speakers. For example, audiobooks are usually mono.

Stereo has two different channels. You could be speaking/singing into the left microphone and someone else could be singing/speaking into the right microphone. A 3rd person could be in the “center” (mixed equally into both channels).

You can also have mono program in a stereo file with two identical channels (AKA “dual mono”).

Typically… If your interface has 2 (or more) inputs/channels, channel 1 is left and channel 2 is right. If you record in stereo with one microphone you get silence on the opposite side. If you record in mono the channels are mixed together.

Or, if you set Windows for mono and Audacity for stereo you might get two identical channels (AKA “dual mono”).