mic muted

As I go about the normal routine of voice recording sometimes if I pause or go back for a pick up line there is no audio from the usb input mic. After troubleshooting the mic is is then un muted.

How do I prevent this? windows 10 on a lenovo


What “troubleshooting” do you do? What is it that fixes the problem?

Using windows 10 I open the sound settings and go to the microphone and select troubleshoot.
then there is a note that the mic was muted and is now fixed.

I have no personal experience with a microphone muting itself on windows 10, nor am I familiar with anyone reporting this issue previously on this forum. However, there are many reports of this happening according to a google search.

I would suggest that you do an internet search for remedies to this issue and try them out. However I would avoid doing anything that costs money or anything that is not recommended by at least two such sites. So just be careful.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

And perhaps there are others on this forum that might care to share some ideas or experiences.