Mic Levels Max, out levels 33% Creative Sound Blaster R3_A6U

I’m using Creative Sound Blaster R3_A6U as input to Audacity.

Input levels set at max in Audacity.

Audio quality is as expected (very good) but the volume levels are low. I have my Audio-1 Mic at MAX but playing the saved test sound file I get a quiet-conversation level (33%) output, instead of a normal vocal conversation-level volume (50-75 %), even with output volumes in my Win Media Player set at 75%, and my PC overall level set at the same (75%).

I need to record a narration track for an engineering Animation of an Engineered Process for a presentation to management, and I need audio playback to sound strong, no distortion, and clear, at reasonable volume levels.

Thanks -


Go into the Blaster setups and look for a Mic Boost setting. Sometimes it’s called +20dB.

I’m assuming you plugged a microphone into the pink (Mic-In) connection of the blaster.