mic input

Hi there, and a Happy Christmas. I’m using a tascam us224 usb soundcard. the mic ( sm58) is connected using the xlr connector. When audacity is not running and i speak into the mic the sound is played through left and right speakers. When i open audacity and start to record, only the left input reponds and therfore only records on the left channel. Any suggestions why? Cheers

You have a stereo SM58 microphone?

The SM58 is a mono mic, but do you have Audacity set up to record stereo? It wakes up from First Birthday in mono. Reset in Audacity Preferences.


Audacity 1.2.6 is born with mono recording selected - I think 1.3.6 is born with stereo.

Thanks guys, I understand now. input A on the soundcard is the left channel and input B is the right channel. I have only found this by resetting the default recording mode to stereo. Many thanks

Hello, I downloaded Audacity today for the first time and recording is in mono…is it because Audacity is default to that or is it possible to set to stereo in “Preferences”?

Thank you!


Is that a question or just an opportunity to post an advert for your Moto Guzzi wiki?
“Edit menu > Preferences > Audio I/O tab”
Number of channels = 1 (mono)
Number of channels = 2 (stereo)