Mic in to line in on a Windows 7 laptop


Just wondering what the best way to get around the fact that I only have a single mic in port is . I’d really like to be able to use my kit but I have no mic in/line in option so can’t record any tracks with audacity. please help!

I like using my Behringer UCA202.


As a side advantage, it’s one of the three hardware devices we certified for music overdubbing/sound-on-sound. That’s what it’s doing in the illustration.

Other people make similar devices, but be careful not to get something like the StarTech ICUSBAUDIO that just gives you another mono Mic-In. This device’s job is to duplicate the connections you already have.


It’s advertised as a Stereo device, but that’s only the headphone connection.


I’d really like to be able to use my kit…

Kit? What’s a kit? What are you trying to record?

Kit? What’s a kit?

Said the non-Brit.

A collection of instruments and electronic equipment used to make desirable music.

Although it would be nice to know what you’re trying to plug into your computer. I do it with the 1/4" headphone out of my Yamaha keyboard. I have an adapter cable.


:smiley: Right! :smiley:

Thanks, I learned something!

I’d probably say “rig”, but I’d have to be more specific like “DJ Rig”, or “guitar rig”, {PA rig", etc.

…I’ve only heard of a drum kit. Although, I think it’s more proper to say “drum set”.

The term “Drum Kit” is widely used in the UK. If not otherwise specified I would expect that “record my kit” refers to a drum kit.

Putting us all on the edges of our seats for the poster response. Koz

I did waffle on the word “desirable,” but I doubt you would use the phrase “My Kit” if you didn’t much like what you were doing, and if you were producing undesirable garbage, why on earth would you want Audacity to capture it?

Painting with words.