Mic gain slider not moving

I’ve been using audacity for a few years now with great results, however suddenly I can’t use the mic slider to adjust gain. Not a major problem when using external mic as it has its own gain adjust , but when using the computer internal mic , ( I did select the computer mic ) I have zero control over gain and it is stuck on 100%. Thanks

If you’re using a USB mic (or other USB device) that’s normal.

And if you need to adjust the volume down it’s important to adjust the analog level before it’s digitized because if it’s clipping, it’s the analog-to-digital converter inside the USB device that gets clipped.

If I’m using a USB mic I have no issue as the mic has a gain control. It’s if I’m using the computer internal mic that the I have no control over gain. I’m not sure what you mean when you say
" before digitized ". Thanks much for your reply.

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