Mic Gain - L, H or Auto - Which Should I Use?

Hi folks.

I am a total novice/rookie when it comes to camcorders, but I received a Zoom Q3HD camcorder for Christmas.

These units are suppose to offer superior stereo sound quality but I am having difficulty. When I record, the sound is quite low, very high and even at times “deep/hummy” all on the same short record of just a person talking. An interview. I haven’t touched the settings at all during the record session as the camcorder is on a tripod.

I have been setting the “mic gain” on auto. Should I take it off “auto” and use Low or High instead?

Appreciate any and all feedback.

Thank you!!!

For recording an interview, try it on “High”.
Also, try turning on the low-cut filter (page 7 of the manual).