Mic cutting in and out


First time poster.

I recorded a podcast yesterday, was 20mins long and when I listened back there was a minute or two from 5-7mins that simply just didn’t pick up my voice at all, luckily I was able to cut out that dead air and it didn’t effect the episode too much, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before?

Windows 10 laptop with a Fifine USB mic. (hasn’t happened before).

Check the leads and connectors.

Ok cool, would be very surprised if so though, mic is brand new last week and recorded a couple of episodes in days previous ok. Thanks for the reply.

K668? There’s a brute force method. Listen to the computer while you make a recording and wiggle all the connections one at a time announcing as you go. “This is the USB connection.” “This is the connection to the bottom of the microphone.” Is there hum or a change in quality if you touch the microphone?

One of the very serious problems with microphones in this group is the inability to hear while you record. The microphone has no headphone connection and you can’t listen to the computer because of delay and echo problems. So unless you’re watching carefully the Audacity blue waves and bouncing sound meter, you will never know if the recording dropped dead.


Yes Koz! This seems to be what I need to try, yeah the K668. Will try later the test recording you mentioned, you are exactly right you have to watch the screen when you record now which really ruins the flow as you’re panicking etc. I will test and report back. I’ll be gutted if I have to return this mic, I’ve been v v impressed with it so far.

Yes Koz! I will try that, exactly right it is the K668. I will try later and report back findings, because yes it is super annoying having to watch the blue waves, takes away the flow of the podcast.

is super annoying having to watch the blue waves

You are the recording engineer. This comes home when people start out their audiobook career in a real studio and decide to do the second or third book at home.

Oh. That’s what that person with the headphones in the control booth was doing.


Hahaha I like it.

Done all the tests and it was fine. Will see what happens during the record on Friday. Thanks.