mhz x audacity

Hello everyone, is it possible to generate a tone in mhz in audacity?

thank you

Maybe… It looks like you can but I didn’t do any “real” analysis to confirm it.

You do need to be aware of the Nyquist limit. The sample rate has to be at least twice the “audio” frequency. i.e. You need at least two samples per cycle.

The sample rate is shown in the lower-left corner of the Audacity window. I chose the maximum from the drop down list, which is 384000. then I typed-in another zero to make it 3.84Mhz.

Then I went to Generate and typed-in 1000000 (1Mhz).

It seemed to work and I saved it as a WAV file. The sample rate field in the [u]WAV file header[/u] is 4 bytes, so that limits you to about 4MHz sample rate. (It’s probably not a “valid” WAV file anyway.) Windows Media Player will “play” it but the soundcard doesn’t work at such a crazy sample rate. I didn’t get an error message so it’s probably getting downsampled (by the drivers) and of course the “radio frequency” gets filtered-out.

as you might know the sample rate, we can set in audacity ranges from 8000HZ to 384000HZ
and 1MHZ = 1000000HZ
However the standard rates are : 22,050HZ, 44100HZ, 48,000HZ, 96,000HZ, 192,000HZ for a wav file
But remember that using a higher sampling rate above 44,100HZ has the drawback that it will use more storage space for a file

I think the maximum sample rate that WAV supports is about 4GHz (with 8-bit samples and 1 channel, because the ByteRate is computed from the sample rate, bit depth, and number of channels, and also can’t be more than about 4 GB/s). Many years ago I played around with modulating and demodulating FM radio signals around 100MHz in an audio file, and I believe I used a 1+GHz sample rate and didn’t have any problems at that sample rate.