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I started recording the 11th cassette in an audio book of 20 cassettes (no problems with first 10 cassettes) and the recording stopped after 6 or 7 minutes (other cassettes took about 30 minutes per side). Also the red L &R input rectangles seemed to flash when recording stopped and a red, thin downward facing vertical arrow appeared on the end of the input rectangles. Help!

Probably the recording distorted before it failed, causing the clipping line at the end of the meter.

A computer reboot will usually fix it.

If this is a USB recording device, make sure it is connected to a spare USB port, not a hub.

See for more detals.


thanks for getting back so quickly. 2 more questions.

  1. how do I tell if I connected the usb to a spare usb port or a hub? when I look at the tower for my hp compaq computer I have two slots . one on top of the other right under my head phone jacks. I am using the ezcap usb cassette capture cassette player and windows 7.

  2. when it stopped recording, I stopped audacity (shut it down?) and rewound the cassette!!!. this was a couple of days ago. I shut my computer down totally each night and restart each morning so I have rebooted a few times. if I go back to record with the rewound cassette, will audacity know where it stopped and therefore pick up automatically at the right spot? or should I try to delete whatever got recordered before stopping and start anew? I think I tried deleted but ran into to some difficulty.

It sounds like you are connecting the ezcap straight into the computer’s USB port. If you had a USB hub, it would have multiple USB ports and you would plug ezcap into one of the hub’s ports, then plug the hub into the computer USB port using the provided cable.

Audacity cannot tell from the ezcapture device where it got to in a previous recording.

If you exited Audacity and said not to save changes, and there was no saved AUP project prior to that, then there is no recording remaining from the last session. If you saved changes, that is the state the project will be in when you reopen it.

If you had to force quit (for example, with Windows Task Manager), then Audacity should offer you what was recorded, except for the last 6 to 12 seconds preceding the freeze.