Meter Toolbar problems

I am fairly new at using Audacity and was using 1.3 when my computer crashed. I had to have a new hard drive installed and when it can back I reloaded on 1.3 and everything worked fine except that the red meter bar only showed the the left working and not the right. I have tried several different options on the program to try to fix it and have now downloaded the new 2.0 version and am still having the same problem. Has something been disconnected inside my computer?

Two possibilites:

  • If Audacity is set to “mono” (= 1 channel) then only the left channel works during recording.
  • Your soundcard or a connection cable is broken, and only the left stereo channel works.

Set Audacity to “2 channels”, either in the [u]Device Toolbar[/u] or under “Edit > Preferences > [u]Devices[/u]” and try again.