Metedata Transfer

For some reason my metadata is not being read when I export to itunes. It worked before, now it dosen’t. I’m digitizing LP’s to my computer( Windows 8). In particular, the Artist and Album Title are not being picked up. Everything goes into itunes as Unknown Artist, Unknown Title. Has something changed in the programing?

What format are you exporting to? I’ve never had trouble with MP3s. I’ve never tried WAV files, but metadata is not widely-supported for WAV and as far as I know it’s not standardized.

I primarily use wav but I’ve used others. I’ve done a lot of transfers before. It’s just recently that It stopped working.

iTunes doesn’t support metadata tags in WAV files.

Okay, thanks for the information.

You can add the information manually in iTunes. …I believe it’s stored in a separate iTunes database, although with most formats the information is automatically extracted from the embedded metadata.

Since you’re ripping LPs, you’ll have to enter the information manually anyway so you can enter it in iTunes instead of Audacity. (It looks like you have to log onto your iTunes account to get the album art, but you can’t do that in Audacity anyway.)

Or if want to use a lossless format, consider ALAC (Apple lossless compression) for iTunes or FLAC for other Windows players. These formats do support metadata, and your files will be smaller. [u]Exportig to ALAC[/u]