Metatags no longer showing

I have used Audacity for years and unless I am doing something stupid, not sure what is up all of a sudden. I had a catastrophic failure on my machine and was forced to reinstall everything from scratch. I am exporting M4A files which Metatag information and suddenly it will not save Artist and Year information. By putting a slash in the track number e.g. 3/10, it will ONLY SOMETIMES save as 3 of 4 for the track. I have experimented with adding different tags but it appears things like Album Artist is not supported unless I am doing it wrong. Is there a list of supported tags and formats somewhere.

Does anyone have any suggestions for why the Artist and Year no longer appear while the rest still comes in fine?

Thanks for any help.

It’s a long-standing FFmpeg bug, though it is possible it varies with FFmpeg version. See The only real workaround is to export as WAV and convert to AAC in iTunes.

If you put a forward slash in a label that will (or should) always cause “Cannot Export Audio”. That’s an Audacity bug and is also mentioned in the Release Notes.

There is some information on what formats FFmpeg supports here: .