Metal Background Noise

I have W10, the 2.1.3 vs of Audacity, and using a Cyber Acoustics microphone plugged into one of my USB ports to record voice-overs for online learning. I have been recording for a few months and occasionally have this metal sound like I am in a tin can and cannot fix it.

First, what causes this to happen so I don’t make the same mistake? It must be something simple as it doesn’t happen every time but I have to pick up and move my equipment into the recording booth each time I need to record so it may be in my equipment set up or Audacity settings.

Secondly, if it happens, how do I fix it or, at least, improve it?

Thank you!

See [u]this page[/u] to turn off any microhone “enhancements”.

And, scratch on the microphone grill with your fingernail to make sure you are recording from the USB mic and not the mic built into your laptop.

If it’s a “studio style” directional side-address mic, make sure you are speaking/singing into the front side… not the back side or the end.